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Vitiligo is a kind of skin disorder associated with white patches appearance on the skin of the patients.
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Benoquin cream 20% 20 g

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  • Product overview

Vitiligo is a kind of skin disorder associated with white patches appearance on the skin of the patients. The patches are usually the result of the affected body part losing its pigment. Hands, wrists and the face are the most commonly affected parts of the body even though the patches can as well appear in other parts like on the feet. The main cause of vitiligo is the immune system being attacked suddenly and the healthy body tissues become affected. While vitiligo doesn’t hurt, the presence of white patches on the skin can make the patient to lose his or her self confidence.

Using monobenzone cream is highly recommended for reducing the appearance of the patches on the skin. During this condition, the melanocytes are attached by the immune system. Melanocytes are responsible for melanin production, a pigment that imparts on the hair or skin color. Patients suffering from vitiligo tend to have a grey looking hair in addition to their skin being blemished with white patches. Anyone including infants and the old people can be patients of vitiligo.

Generally speaking, no solid cure has been introduced yet to treat this disorder. However, benoquin is a drug that has gained great popularity in treatment of vitiligo. This topical cream generally works by promoting reduction of the depigmentation on affected body parts thereby contributing towards giving the skin a uniform color. Besides using this drug to treat vitiligo, doctors also greatly emphasize on the need to exercise regular and include dietary changes as well. While they might not have a direct impact on vitiligo treatment, they however help a lot in ensuring that the monobenzone based cream works effectively. Being healthy reduces your vulnerability to attack by diseases including vitiligo compared to weaker persons.

There are also some home remedies that can really help a lot in containing vitiligo and its effects on your body. However, some home remedies work very slowly even though they might be effective in the long run. Patients in need of much quicker results are thus highly encouraged to use benoquin to treat vitiligo in a matter of days. This drug comes in an effective cream formulation that is applied gently on the affected part of the body as per the doctor’s directions. To get much more satisfactory results, patients are advised to use the cream for a much longer period of time to ensure that their new skin appearance is sustained.

Even after the desired results have been obtained, doctors advise patients to continue applying monobenzone cream at a certain time interval as a way of ensuring that the skin complexion remains uniform. Doing so will help a lot in preventing depigmentation of your skin and minimize chances of recurrence for the condition. Using this topical drug is quite easy as one just needs to apply it on the skin that has experienced a depigmentation effect. The drug works in a rather simple way as it decreases melanin extraction from the cells on the skin that produce melanin or the so called melanocytes.

Since benoquin works by destroying the cells that cause vitiligo on the skin, the effects achieved are thus permanent. Even for those suffering from wide spread patches, the drug will work greatly in giving their skin the much desired appearance. It helps to match the appearance of skin all over the body and thus helps to restore the lost self confidence of the patients. While you can use the drug as a cream which is in fact, the most commonly available form of it, t is also available as soap as well.

Theoretically, it has been said that people not suffering from vitiligo can still use monobenzone to achieve a much paler skin complexion due to the effect that the cream has on the skin cells. However, doctors highly discourage this as this exposes the skin to the dangerous UV sun rays thus increasing the risk of getting skin cancer. For this reason, this drug should be used precisely for treating vitiligo and not to achieve a cosmetic appearance or any other effects on the skin. When used accordingly and as per the doctor’s recommendations, it is able to perform amazingly well and beyond one’s expectations.

Benoquin is not only recommended for its effectiveness as a vitiligo but the drug is also very safe for use on the skin. For people with this kind of disorder, there should be no course of alarm in using it as it doesn’t compromise on your safety in anyway. But even with this being the case, the drug must be used well and as per the recommendations and directions given by the doctor. This is because when used irresponsibly, it can be disfiguring particularly when applied on a darker skin. Nevertheless, it is a very safe medication but no other patient should use it apart from those suffering from vitiligo.

People with vitiligo are able to gain that must desired normal look on their skin upon using monobenzone. Application should be done gently and a thin layer will do perfectly well. The application should be done at least twice in a day for best results and if possible, applying it three times will produce even much more desirable results. Sufficient lightening of the skin might not be achieved until several months have passed. As such, being a little patient pays a lot on the part of the patient but one can always expect highly desirable results.

Vitiligo patients should also keep in mind that using benoquin makes their skin hypersensitive permanently to sunlight just like those associated with tanning beds and sunlamps. So after using this medication, it is important that you don’t expose yourself to the sun. Also, to give your skin more protection, it is essential that you wear protective clothing and make use of sunscreen and a big hat particularly when you are spending time outdoors. This will really help you avoid severe sunburn and also enhancing your overall health wellness.

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